It was not an unusual summer night. Just family gathered around a bonfire at the lake as they’ve done since any of them could remember. Until out of the silence came a simple cliché that would change everything. “We should do this more often.”

That’s when a spark rose out of the fire and into the minds of a Midwestern man and his nephew. “This is what life is all about, and we should dedicate ourselves to making more of these moments.” And that’s when YUDU was born.

YUDU is the embodiment of the life that Tyler Eifert and his uncle, Tim Burns, have resolved to pursue. It’s about the great outdoors, fishing, hunting, and adventure with friends and family. It’s about sipping a whiskey on the deck, sharing laughs around the campfire and making the most of every opportunity. But most of all, it’s about doing what you love with who you love. Not waiting for those moments, but making them. So have a little of what they’re having. Live for the Moment.

Our Vision

Life is full of great moments. Dream them. Pursue them. Live them. Share them. Cherish them. YUDU is all about passion, doing what you love, with those you love. There is a moment out there that is all yours- in whatever 'YUDU'... go get it- it is yours for the taking.

About Our Founders

Tyler Eifert resides in Northern Kentucky, living every boy's dream of playing in the NFL. Tim Burns lives in Indiana, with his beautiful wife and their four active children, in their outdoor-inspired home that he designed.